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A home inspection performed on behalf of the client purchasing the home generally done during the inspection period. For a standard home, buyers can expect 2-3 hours of on-site inspecting followed by a preliminary summary printed and thoroughly covered with the buyer on-site. This allows the buyer to familiarize themselves further with the home and afford them the ability to ask any questions that may come up on-site during the inspection. If you are not able to attend your home inspection, don’t worry, your home inspector will be happy to set up a call with you to go over the report in detail, after you have received the emailed inspection report. All buyers will receive a fuller, more expansive report the same day of the inspection via email.

Pre-listing (seller’s) Inspection

This is a home inspection provided for a client looking to sell their home. Pre-listing inspections are highly beneficial and help the client gain a better understanding of their home and what kind of repairs should be expected. This affords the homeowner the opportunity to correct repairs prior to potential buyers walking through the home which can increase the value of the property. This also allows for the seller to demonstrate to potential buyers their willingness for full disclosure and shows a highly desirable seller trait that they are pro-active about their home maintenance. Pre-listing inspections are also extremely important with estate sales where there may be multiple new owners or that the owner(s) are out of town. The inspection reports will be delivered to the client via email the same day of the inspection. For standard size homes 2-3 hours of on-site inspecting time should be anticipated.


We perform multi-unit inspections from either a duplex to apartment complexes. With 2 licensed home inspectors, larger unit inspections can be done in shorter periods of time for the client. Reports are custom tailored to the type of building. If you have a multi-unit complex, please call our office for more information and pricing.

Manufactured Home

These home inspections vary slightly from a site built home. These variances include the land considerations around the home, the proper securing of the home to the site, and full inspection of all accessible crawl space areas. We are aware of all common and not-so-common issues with manufactured homes. These inspections generally take 2-3 hours on-site and a written report will be provided to the client the same day.


We offer re-inspections of repaired items. After your requested repairs have been made we will fully inspect the workmanship and ensure that the repairs have been done properly, giving you piece of mind before taking ownership of the home. These inspections will have a shorter written report emailed to the client the same day of the inspection and generally take 30minutes – 1hour.


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